Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Random Photos from KY Part II

Finally getting around to posting more photos from KY - needing to make room for the 300 plus photos we took in WA.

Here's a pretty girl.  Buddy, LG and AJ had a blast playing together. They really get along well and it was sooooooo nice to get to visit with my bestest friend.  I miss her very much.
After we left there we went over to visit the Morgans.  It was a super nice evening of cooking out and visiting.  The kids played in the water and had a blast.  It was really fun for them and us.
Here's our sweet God Daughter.
We had to head home about dark and got caught in a crazy thunderstorm probably the worst one during our visit in KY and of course I'd have my kids out in it.  But Buddy helped take care of Babe and we made it home finally.

Here's Mamaw with my boys on the swing.   It was getting time for us to start packing and get on the road.  I looked forward to getting home but will super miss my family.
Babe tells Mamaw goodbye with a sweet smile.

On Saturday we headed to Nashvegas to pick up the Man at the airport, then hit the road West.  We got stuck in traffic and it wasn't fun and it was incredibly hot. Heat warrnings were out for the area which made M.E. a little nervous - hoping the van holds out. 
When we pulled up to the arrival gates, I can't tell you how happy Buddy was to see the Man.  He could get out of his seat belt fast enough and hugged him for a long time. It was so sweet, I wished I'd got a pic but I was driving and didn't get to the camera. 
We hit the road and the Man was determined to drive straight through to OK, but Babe had other plans. He wasn't too happy riding and required we stop every 2 hours and cried alot.  Just through Little Rock, big thunderstorms were rolling in and Babe was screaming so we stopped for the night.  
The next morning, I got these great shots.

And this one......

And my favorite....

It was good to be home.

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  1. Your boys are so handsome!!! Sorry I missed you in KY. Angie A