Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The M.E. Uniform

I have to admit it, I've adopted a new uniform since the arrival of Babe.
As much as it makes M.E. feel like a little old lady and somewhat like my mother, I have found that wearing a snap-front, pocketed house coat to be extremely practical for M.E. 

I love that I can do house work and not worry about getting dirt. Nursing is a breeze and I'm not concerned about the spit up.  The pockets are great for clothes pins and various lost items I find throughout the day, i.e. legos and pacifiers.

And I've always been a big fan of house shoes, so those are a no-brainer and these lovely pink ones the Man bought for M.E. the week before Babe arrived - which often find themselves serving as shin guards for LG.

Or make that calf guards.

Is it ok to be embracing the housecoat + houseshoes uniform at my age? 
I really don't care.  It saves my limited wardrobe from getting dirty and its comfy. 
Stacy and Clinton on What Not to Wear would flipped out.

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