Monday, August 9, 2010

I made a mess!

A batch of pictures arrived in the mail today that I downloaded and ordered.  They were of Babe's birth week and so I couldn't just let them sit there - I had to make a mess working on his "Week in the Life" birth week.

Buddy kept an eye or rather and arm on him for M.E.
How awesome is this.  Buddy is so helpful and wonderful with Babe, I'm really going to miss him when school starts.

I just love how Babe is holding onto to him.  There aren't words how awesome this makes M.E.

Meanwhile.... my mess

If you recalled I documented the week of Buddy's birthday back in February.  So I decided to go forward with Babe's birth week, including pictures, the cards, the Man's emails, etc.  Its coming along, although I didn't get to work too long on it. 

I'm so excited that I started this project this album is going to be fabulous once I add, the Man's, LG's and mine birthday weeks.  I'm so excited about it. woo-hoo!

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