Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Labor Day

The weather has finally given in and allowed a breather for all of us in OK.  Its in the 80s for the frist time since June - I think.  Its amazing how refreshing it is and how everyone feels the same way.  At school pick up, everyone is out of their cars talking and chatting and catching up in the nice, almost cool breeze.  On Friday the playground was packed after school.  We've all been cooped up in our air condition houses, schools, and cars too long. 
With this most pleasant break in the heat and a three day weekend approaching, the Man and I both agreed we had to get away, had to take advantage of the weather, and had to have some time to just be a family.  After about an hour of surfing the world wide web, we came across alittle lake and recreation area in Arkansas that would be perfect and booked a cabin for Sunday night.  We were lazy about getting the camping gear assembled & ready and opted for a cabin.  What a wonderful idea!

We took our time Sunday morning getting everyone up and ready and left the house about 10.  It was such a gorgeous day.  We headed East on a road we've never been on, which was refreshing and took our sweet time. 
First stop was a state park here in OK, Natural Falls.  The name is very original. We would enjoy a packed lunch and some nice cool breezes.

Cute little park in the middle of nowhere.  We actually missed the road and had to back track.  Thank You iPhone maps!

With the drought that has consumed us this summer the large falls, which would normally be flowing over the top of the outcrop was dry - I'm thinking Unnatural Falls.

M.E. and Babe.  I love my sling.  And after the huge climb back up to the top of this outcrop, I was grateful my hands were free to use the handrails - I need them for support.  I also got several comments from other visitors wishing they too had such a contraption, as strollers couldn't nagivate the stairs.

At least the water table was still running and we got to see and hear the wonderful sound of falling water.  It was nice and rejuvinating to listen to.  I would have loved to stay longer but there wasn't very good railing on the little deck and LG was bound and determined to fall in the pool, so we cut our visit short.
I love these kinds of pics.  Thanks to the Man for taking all the pics on this adventure as my hands were full.  My boys are getting so big.

Later we would cross the state line and make our way to the cutest little lake.

The cute little one room cabin, with air condition and no tv.  It was perfect.

A quick change and the boys were ready for the lake.  I can not stress enough how awesome it was.  The weather was PERFECT.
The boys were so excited, unfortunately the water levels were high and there wasn't much of a sandy beach to play on.  But the boys went right on in the water.
They are hard to see, but they are out there having a blast.  LG would break one of his arm floaties the first 30 seconds in the water and the Man would stuff it under his swim shirt.  He looked like a shark swimming around with a big hump back.

The batteries in the camera would go out on M.E., I forgot to change them before leaving the van.  So the next couple of pics are from the iPhone camera.  Thanks again iPhone!

M.E. and Babe sittin' in the shade.  I am not in bathing suit shape - not at all.

A little bright and over exsposed but you can see the happiness on his face.

Buddy after swimming.

The Man - always working.

Look at this adorable Little Guy.  He says,
"Mom, I need an apple pie" Too funny!

Back at the cabin the Man and I work on getting some supper going and hanging out with the boys.  They really didn't know what to think about the no TV cabin, but it turned out to be no big deal, I'd brought enough activities.
The Man grilling some pork chops.

M.E. and the boys!  Thanks again iPhone for some before dinner entertaiment for Buddy.
Didn't take us long to make a mess of the place.
Opposite view.
The Greatest View.

Later on, we loaded up and headed into town, for supplies and ice cream.  Using the iPhone I was able to locate a local ice cream palor.  Thanks again iPhone!
Maggie Moos - similar to Cold Stone or Marble Slab Creameries.  It was yummy!

Buddy got cotton candy and LG strawberry.

Can't wait for Babe to get to eat some cream.

What a face.

Some playing and loving before bed.
Oh brothers!

The next day we would take our time to pack up after breakfast.

Buddy getting his pole ready for fishing.

LG found a rock.

We headed to the lake for some fishing.  The Babe and I hung out at the van and enjoyed another wonderful day, while the men fished.

The Man caught one bluegill.
Buddy caught a turtle.

We would then head home and enjoy the rest of our three day weekend.  It was so refreshing, rejuvinating and rewarding to get away - just the five of us!
Hope you had a Happy Labor Day!

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  1. Love love love your lazy holiday...they are the best