Friday, September 10, 2010

Spirit Day

A*W*E uh, huh
S*O*M*E that's right
[Our School] Awesome are We!
Buddy's cheer.

Buddy and LG would both get to participate in our school's spirit day.
Buddy could hardly contain himself and stay seated during the cheering, yelling and goofiness. 
I took a bunch of pictures but few are worth viewing because with the terrible gym lighting, squirmming kids, and people moving about its near impossible to get a pic. 

After the big school did their cheers and chants, the preschool was invited in. I managed this decent pic of LG waving his pompom wildly.  It was awesome. He was so cute.  

Buddy with his 8th grade Friend.  How cool is the cheese head?

I returned home and actually took a nap with Babe.  He got M.E. up 5 times last night and I've been a zombie all day.  Needless to say, I've gotten very little to nothing accomplished today - went to school and back twice and that's it. 
Wish M.E. better luck tonight.

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