Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Playing at the Park & a Soccer Game

Buddy was really excited that everyone was here to watch him play soccer. He's really loving it and having a fun time of it.  I beginning to like it too!
First we headed down to the river for some fun hanging out at the park. The weather was wonderful cool and sunny. Perfect.
These pics are all out of order - for some reason Blogger is not cooperating with M.E and I'm not happy about it.

Love the goofy angle of this pic.

Aunt Cream and Uncle.
LG and Uncle B.

LG hanging out looking at the river.

The family watching the kids playing.

the kiddos

On to the Soccer Game.

Who's the cool kid?

Is this the Man?

Buddy was team captain today. He was stoked.

We won 10 - 0.  I think Buddy scored 4 goals.

He made some pretty fabulous plays during the game and had us all cheering.

Team Picture

Or is this the Man?

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  1. Wow - your husband has a double! But I think the blue hat guy is him. The other guy w/the red hat has different shorts on. I was confused though!
    Angie A