Wednesday, January 5, 2011

We are Home

...and here's the proof.

Suitcase #1with it's contents spilling out in the living room. It's in the living room because it had the Man's new wii game in it. More on this later.

Suitcase #2 with a huge mess in our bedroom as we've tried to get back into a routine and very much appreciate Nana for sending us home with clean clothes.

Suitcase #3 in the boys room with Buddy's new football helmet he got for Christmas. He love, love, loves it.

Suitcase #4 made it as far as the kitchen and then was opened by ME looking for socks. As I've blogged before the boys never put socks in the dirty clothes so they never get washed so I was simply looking for a pair clean or dirty this morning before school.

It's great to be home although we really miss everyone, but Babe has been so content and happy to be back. Let the routine resume.

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  1. Was beginning to get worried.....glad you all are home safe....