Tuesday, January 18, 2011

What we are up to..........

I had the best laid plans to blog more... but that hasn't happen and here's the excuse.
All my boys have been sick.
Buddy missed school on Monday and Tuesday last week with a high fever, no other symptoms.  (11 kids were also out in his class) He went to school the rest of the week, but came home each day with a low grade fever, extremely tired and not much of an appetite.
On Friday I took him to the doctor for blood work, I am a paranoid mother, and his blood work was fine. 
He played in his basketball game Saturday, took a big fall and hit his head really hard. He would later throw up three times, but it was mostly drainage, so we are thinking the two were unrelated, but needless-to-say. I was worried.
He was fine yesterday and has returned to school this morning. Hopefully all is well with him.

LG has had a serious case of allergies starting on Tuesday at wrestling and has just felt crummy. I ran out of allergy medicine on Thursday so he didn't rest well at all in the night.  He made the trip to the doctor with Buddy on Friday and got a new prescription for his expectant. 
That night (Friday) after supper he had some sort of allergic reaction to something and his eyes began to swell and nearly swelled shut.  The Man and I were scared.  He's never physically, outwardly reacted to something like this.  The doctor's nurse, whom I called, said Benedryl.  So the Man ran to the store and got some and within a few hours his eyes were puffy and red but the swelling was down.
This would happen again on Saturday and again yesterday - along with a fever.
However yesterday's reaction was so bad, I got really scared his eyes were going to be completely shut. They were so swollen the top and bottom lids. I took a pic but I will not show you because its so scary. 
I rushed him to the allergist, where they are as puzzled as we are as to why this is happening.  They took a lot of blood for some blood work and LG was a champ.  He was feverish and miserable, but he was a real trooper, as was Buddy who had to hold Babe the entire time.   Today, LG is resting his eyes are red but not swollen and his fever is low.
Babe, got his fever on Friday and still has it.  He has so much drainage its crazy.  He has refused solids up until last night and ate a half a jar of baby food.  He is wanting to nurse continuously but I don't have the milk I had 3 months ago and his nose is so stuffy, he has a hard time of it.  Fortunately he's been pretty happy, miserable, but not screaming.  Thank goodness.  He made a trip to the doctor yesterday as well and all his test came back negative. phew!
I've went through an entire bottle of children's motrin, but Babe does seem better today. Thank goodness!

As I was talking to a nurse at the allergy clinic - who has 3 boys all under 3 years (a set of 18 month twins, yikes) - things could be much, much worse and its just a virus.

Babe has a follow up tomorrow with the doctor to check his lungs. 
LG has a follow up with the allergist on Feb. 3 to get the results of his blood work.
Buddy should be all good. 

Hope your weekend was healthy, but with the flu going around at our school I'm not so sure, we are out of the woods yet!

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