Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Weekend Update - Baseball

LG is playing baseball like a pro and its a wonderful thing. I just can't get over how different the experience is than with Buddy. New for ole M.E. He is having such a fantastic time and I'm so happy. Here he's is running for home plate. He is the only player on the team that always without fail slides into home plate. And if he doesn't get dirty while doing this, he reaches down and picks up dirt and puts it on his pants. He not only wants to play baseball but look like he plays baseball.
In the dug out having a good time. I really think he's so happy to be out of Buddy's shadow and doing things his way on his own team.
He's not a heavy hitter, but he sure is happy. He smiles from ear to ear each time he gets up to bat and he really concentrates on making contact and running hard. Much to our surprise he is fast like Buddy.

Ready for grounders. He hasn't done too much dancing, flower picking, bug chasing or any thing else in the outfield. He has managed several good stops and throws to first. He has also missed many and likes to run from right field to left field for balls and dog-pile on other kids going for the ball.

But all-in-all its been fun and we are so fortunate to be on a good team with our friends. He is growing right before my eyes and is becoming a little man.

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