Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Field Trip - ZOO

LG had his annual preschool field trip to the zoo yesterday. I was happy to tag along as I was in the hospital last year with Babe during the field trip. Unfortunately is was very windy and a chilly 55 degrees. Not ideal day for the zoo. This is LG and his best preschool friend. They are like 'velcro' Justy's mom said. Where you find one you find the other...
LG in the children's petting zoo with some sheep combers on his hands. He didn't stay in there very long.
LG and Justy on a bronze turtle. They were being so silly. I don't like to think about them being separated next year. Justy will be going to public school for kindergarten. We haven't told them yet and its going to be a difficult transition for Justy, I'm afraid.
We were so ready to go home by the time we made it to the elephants. LG is obviously done! It was a fun day, even if it was chilly and windy.

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