Saturday, April 2, 2011

It's finally warm again!

Several days this past week the weather has been chilly and cloudy. I personally didn't mind the clouds but I wasn't a big fan of 40 degrees.
Today however it's sunny, breezy and in the 70s - perfect day for sidewalk chalk.
As this will be one of the last Saturdays through May that we won't have something going on and As Babe naps, I sent the boys outside to quieten the house with a bucket of cars and sidewalk chalk.
LG needed my assistance he said in drawing his city.

He had a mcdonalds, walmart, donut shop and walgreens. Too funny that those are the only places he needs in his town. Makes sense though.

He also has a neighborhood, where he is parking his cars.

But he did think to include church and school and a park on the otherside of town - oh and there is also lava.

Buddy's town is much more complex with lots of streets and things happening. He also has a mcdonalds and walmart plus a jail, police station and fire station.

Here he is drawing his fire station.
I tried to draw a road connecting the two towns but Buddy said he didn't need to go to LG's town he could just draw what he needed. well okay then

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