Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Date Night

The Man took ME to dinner and a walk in the park Saturday night for Mothers Day. And I have to say, it was really nice. Dinner was at a cool little Mexican place downtown and then this cool park that we had never visited before.
The weather was perfect and we really enjoyed the quite and peace of strolling with no one to keep out of the water.

As we walked along the rock wall, I was struck with awe at our shadows. I was even happier when the Man agreed to stop and let ME take some artsy pictures. Right now this is my Photo Of 2011. I love it and it will likely find its way to a frame and on the wall.

The Man - I love you!

The Man got the camera and snapped several photos of ME walking. Not crazy about my figure, but I do love this dress.

One last shot of ME. We would leave this park for another that had swing sets. I like to swing and its been a very long, long time since I got to do any.

On Sunday, the Man took all the boys to the aquarium and I got to go scrapbooking. Ah, it was nice!

Thanks Hun for another great Mothers Day!

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