Sunday, May 15, 2011

Exciting Times in Baseball

Photo courtesy of Mike Fuhr

Last week we would have our toughest game yet - ending in a tie, 17 all!

We had a games Thursday, Friday and Saturday this past week and how exciting it was.

Buddy played fabulous as always. Thursday night he had two hits, two runs and three RBIs. Friday night, which was freezing by the way, he had one homerun for 2 RBIs. It was fantastic.

Saturday would be the big game. We had played this team once already and won 14 - 5. So lets just say we weren't up for the challenge and they came to PLAY. Having three games in three days, the boys were tired and they weren't .

Top of the 1st, Buddy managed to bat in our only run of the inning, where as they got up and all six of their starting line up scored. So just like that we were down 1 - 6.

Photo courtesy of Mike Fuhr

Top of the 2nd, we would get our 6 run limit with Buddy scoring and getting an RBI. Bottom of the 2nd, we hold them to two runs.

Top of the 3rd, we only got one hit and he was left with batters 2,3, and 4 getting out at first. Oh my. I was getting nervous. Bottom of the 3rd, they managed to get in three runs, Buddy made one of the outs and Zkid caught a popfly at 2nd base for our third out of the inning. It was huge, we are still down 7 - 11 going into the fourth.

Photo courtesy of Mike Fuhr

Top of the fourth we managed three runs one of those was Buddy. He is so fast and fun to watch. Bottom of the fourth, first batter strikes out, second batter on, third batter strikes out. We are pumped, but only to let them score 4 runs, the finally out coming to Buddy at first base. Sweet. Buddy did a fantastic job. Score 10 - 15.

Top of the fifth we know we have to get all 6 of our allowed runs to win this game. no pressure!!! First two batter get on, third batter strikes out, fourth batter hits a home run for 3 RBIs. woohoo. The parents and dug out go crazy. Fourth gets a triple and the fifth batters get on for an RBI and the sixth popflys out. So here we are with a runner at second and two outs. Zkid's up to the plate and hits a line drive to score a run. WooHoo. Now here's Buddy up with the tying run on first. Strike one, Strike two, SMACK! line drive to left field, Zkid comes home for our 6th run of the inning, Buddy's left on third.

We took the lead 16-15. If we can hold them we win, if we give up one run we tie and if we give up two they win.

I was on my feet, I was nauseous.

Their first batter gets on, second batter gets on, third batter gets on, but we managed an out at third. whew. Runners at first and second, the fourth batter strikes out. Two on, Two outs. Fifth runner gets on - bases loaded.

Buddy chimes in to the pitcher, "if you get the ball go home" and again, 'if you get the ball just GO HOME".

Sixth batter up to the plate, their lead hitter, their go to man. Strike one, then a little dribbler up the middle, our pitcher scoops it up and tossed it to home where our catcher has de-masked and is ready, he catches it. Third out, we win by one! Oh my. it was unbelievable. Truly a fantastic game.

record 6-0-1

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