Sunday, June 5, 2011

Around Here

Since the last day of school, I've managed to take 3 pictures - THREE!  Let just say its been busy. Here's some of what we've done!

Buddy went to a sleepover at Zkids.
We went on the CubScout Family campout.
LG had strep throat again!
When to Esther's for a Memorial Day cookout.
Played board games.
Went to the grocery twice.
The boys and I went to the aquarium.
Buddy had three baseball games to end the season 10-1-1.
I'm almost done organizing the playroom, yet again.
Tired to stay cool, its been in the upper 90s here.
Watched about 3 movies 10 times each.
I've washed about 12 loads of laundry, almost caught up.
Have stayed up very late - the boys made it to 12:30AM Friday night.
The Man and Buddy went to a minor league baseball game.
Bought and moved furniture.
Cooked out.
Played in the sprinkler.
Ate lots of popislces
I've got the boys doing summer work 4 days a week and its going good.
Having fun!

And I'm sure there's several things I've missed. But I am happy to report the big boys are getting along so much better than last summer although its only been one week - they have played well and fought very little. I'm so happy.  And they occupy Babe so well, that he really is entertained most of the day and I'm not carrying/holding him much at all during the day. Woohoo for that.

I'll do better with pictures this week. --- PROMISE!

P.S. Baby Finn goes in for surgery on this legs Thursday the 9th.  Whisper a prayer for him and for his parents Cyrena & Jeff.  We love you guys so much!

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