Monday, June 13, 2011

Bruised but not Beaten

Saturday night we played in our first tournament game in the city 2nd grade championship. Or rather Buddy played and the Man coached and pitched.
Buddy plays first base and in the top of the first inning, with bases loaded, the fourth batter smacked a ball up the first baseline. And just like he's done a hundred times before Buddy puts himself in front of the ball to avoid it getting in the outfield. As a result it took a bad bounce and smacked him in the face. My heart sank immediately and I didn't know what to do. Several coached including the Man and the umpires gathered around him as Buddy is doubled over with his face in his mitt obviously very upset.
Turns out he took a ball to eye. Here it is today.

Closer look

We had an ice pack on it at the game and when he got home so the swelling is gone but it's purple!!!
The Man also took a line drive to the knee leaving a bruise in the form of the stitches of the ball. Crazy.
And before the game was over another of our players got smacked in the nose by their first baseman on his way to second. Poor sportsmanship if you ask ME.
After two close innings we held them in the third and forth and won 21-8. We play Thursday night for the championship!!! Woohoo!!

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