Tuesday, June 7, 2011

A pretty good day!

The boys and I had a pretty awesome day cruising all over town. After breakfast and tv time we did our daily summer work, which LG complained little about today. And after a super 2 hour power nap by Babe, we loaded up and headed to the free movies.
In Buddy's haste getting in the van he grabbed two shoes and didn't put them on until we got to the movies. That's when realized his mistake.

Two right shoes. He has an old pair and a new pair of the same shoes. So all day he wore two right shoes. I've heard of two left feet but never right. LOL
And Yep the movie was F-R-E-E! Despicable Me was playing and the kids really like that one so off we went. Babe lasted little over an hour then we had to leave. He wouldn't be quiet and we know how the movie ends so it was no big deal to head out.
We had lunch and because we were right next door to the aquarium we had to stop in.

LG has been so many times since Easter he is like a little tour guide walking through the place.

It really has surprised ME how much they love it.

After an hour at the aquarium it was time for groceries and then home to cook supper. We had a pretty good day and it's fun doing stuff with them each day.
Not sure about tomorrow, but I'm sure it'll be good too!

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