Wednesday, August 31, 2011

I'm here!

Sorry to have fallen of the blog wagon again, but its super busy and I've barely picked up the camera. The Man was gone to Texas on a drill rig all last week and it makes things a bit more stressful when he is gone - not to mention all the school activities.
So here's a quick rundown of last week -
laundry - lots of laundry due to two sets of uniforms now.
completed LG's pilot costume
cable guy came for our internet
after school meeting with Buddy's teacher - he's socializing too much
Cub Scout pack night with all three boys
the Kindergarten group picture at 7:20 AM
Babe had open house at his Mothers Day Out
Youth Group planning meeting with all three boys
LG had his snack day 
lots of work on a scrapbook for the school's silent auction due next week
Parent Night at school for both boys
Babe's first day of Mothers Day Out
lots of research for the 3rd grade auction project
lunch meeting with the other two home room moms for Buddy's class
LG soccer practice in 101 degree heat
as well as, 3 sets of homemade lunches, about 12 poopy diapers, daily showers/baths, breakfast-lunches-dinners....and I'm trying to enjoy every minute. But I did manage to snap this pic of Babe.

Yes, that is my toaster.  Its home is in the lower cabinet where I use it most.  This particular day Babe managed to get it out of the cabinet and pull it around the house like a puppy on a string.  It was hilarious.
All in a day's adventure. 
Hope to get back on the blog wagon this week.  Stay Tuned!

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