Thursday, August 25, 2011

Random Colorado Pictures

Now that I have a computer on the internet again (woohoo) I though I'd share some of the great pictures from our July trip to Colorado!  Takes M.E. away to cooler temps.
 We stopped on the side of the road to throw rocks in a little pond and stretch our legs..  I had the boys show M.E. just how excited they were to be in the mountains!
This was hilarious because we live near the Arkansas River here in Oklahoma and its nearly a half mile wide.  So when we were driving and saw a sign that said Arkansas River and this is what it was referring to, we totally cracked up.  Come to find out, we were very near the head waters for the Arkansas and so this little stream really is the same river.
The Aspen Village we stayed in.  Ahh, it was beautiful.
 On our mountain hike! 
 Zoomed in... you see The Man, Babe and LG.
 Columbine! The beautiful and fragile state flower of Colorado!
 At the top of the hike was an alpine lake!  I didn't get a shot with my phone for the original post, so here it is.
The Family

We had so much fun. I wish we could go back!


  1. Beautiful...jealous....happy for you

  2. Hey -- that Arkansas River may be little but it has water in it :) LOVE the family pic! Kathy