Friday, August 5, 2011

Sorry for my absence.

It's just busy again and with out a computer blogging on my phone has lost it's luster.
A recap of this week then?
The Man left for Texas Sunday to hang out on a drill rig. Big fun there.
Hours after he left our electricity goes out. The boys and try to keep ourselves busy and cool for the next three hours. By the time the AC clicked back on it was already 89 degrees inside our house. I was not fun!
The boys also attended swim camp all week and did great. Buddy learned to dive.

He got moved up to the advanced class and was suppose to do more diving but the outside pool at the YMCA had a chemical issue with the heat so it was closed the rest of the week.
Each day we spent a considerable amount of time running errands. Got both boys a pair of expensive school shoes. Everyone says they will last all year so I'm hopeful.
Buddy has his school physical on Tuesday. I can't believe he is going into the third grade. How does time move so quickly.
We also went shopping for nintendo DS. I've been very much against buying one for the boys preferring they use their time more wisely, but we finally allowed LG to buy cousin Sman's with his own money. It proved helpful and not to big of a deal. However he finally dropped one too many times back in Early June so it's been out of commission all summer - not complaining, but we are about to embark in several long airplane rides without technology. So I broke down and had the thing fixed. We also went to the game store and got Buddy a used one. I know, I know - we are now a two DS family ugh!!!
I let the boys pool their money and get a new game too. Something to keep them extra occupied on the planes. And new Nerd covers so that when they get dropped which LG does often, they bounce instead of break.
Babe has learned the sign for diaper and it cracks ME up. He also developed thrust today so I had to take him to the doctor.
This morning Buddy had a friend over and we went swimming.

We've had fun and look forward to seeing the Man tonight.
Big weekend ahead then a trip to Washington. Woohoo

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  1. I love the diving picture! He is a determined young man! Kathy