Thursday, September 29, 2011

Beauty Shop

Yesterday was the day, haircut day! The boys hair seems to grow so fast and I dread going to the shop because one of the big boys always seems to argue about getting in the chair and whose going first and then chasing Babe around the place for a half hour saying NO every 3 seconds is no fun for ME.
However today wasn't too bad. LG was glad to go first.

He loves getting his hair washed by Dana. He feels like such a big boy.
He went first so Buddy could do homework.

Nothing like 3rd grade homework we are all still trying to adjust to the work load. Note the before hair.

LG was more than happy with his short do and got to play his DS. He'd been grounded from it for three days.

When Buddy got in the chair he said, "make it really short". I'm like what? He loves his cool long hair. He later says I don't like coming here so if its short it'll be a longer time before I have to get it cut again. Always the logical one! Dana did take it short but had to leave some bangs. Buddy had three cowlicks in front so going short, short wasn't an option! Thank Goodness!

Makes him look so different!

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  1. Cannot believe how big they are the haircut...and they both still look so cool!!!1