Sunday, September 11, 2011


Just wanted to share a few thoughts about this past week - which was one of the best weeks every.
Last week the Man was in town at his office so the morning routine was back to normal and it was nice having him home every afternoon.
Last week the boys had not one after school activity or evening function which made for slow paced evenings.
Last week Buddy read aloud for his reading homework an entire Magic Tree House Book.  Loved hearing him read.
Last week LG got three out of four stickers for the weekly report.  A first for him.
Last week the weather was wonderful, wonderful, wonderful.
Last week, LG's teacher had to bury her 5 month old son, the Man went to the funeral and it made us all stop and be extra grateful for one another.
Last week,  I scrapbooked and made art.
And perhaps one of the biggest things that made the week the best; the 'clicker' aka the cable remote control broke and all tv channels had to be scrolled through manually at the cable box.  This basically equaled NO T.V. and it was so refreshing.
And today we all remember all those children who lost their parents in 9-11 and all those parents who lost their children in 9-11. 

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