Monday, October 24, 2011

More Camping Photos

So one of our good friends just happens to be the state director for the nature conservatory here in OK.  And he was nice enough to let us and 3 other families tag along on his annual fall camp out with his family.  Oh it was so much fun.
 As we arrived on the preserve, there was a large elk standing in the road.  We had to wait a few minutes for his cow to move across the field before he would move.
 The caravan.
 The Camp.
Sweet L and Babe playing.  I must admit it was wonderful having both L and D for the whole weekend.  They are both so good with Babe and genuinely love him. 
Saturday after breakfast, we all loaded up and drove a couple miles to a dry creek bed for a hike.  The weather was perfect and it was so nice to be outside in nature. 
 Here the kiddos are getting ready to hike. 
 D and one-shoe Babe.
 The kiddos.  Of course all of them are looking at the camera expect, LG and Babe.
 The boys had such a wonderful time playing, running and getting dirty. 
 We went for a really nice hike back this dry creek bed to a waterfall.  It was really rad. 

Saturday afternoon everybody would load up again for another hike and some fishing.  Babe and I and two other moms stayed behind because the hike would be too much for Babe.   I think it involved a 200 ft bluff.  So we had a very relaxing time collecting extra fire wood and tending to the campfire, when very near sunset we heard thunder.  yes, thunder.  
I managed one bar on my phone for service and was able to access doppler and the entire state of OK was having some sort of precipitation or storm.  Not fun.  Everyone would arrive back at camp and we had a very quick supper and then we loaded up.  Well, I will say I skipped supper and got my kids in the van.  The lightning was getting too close for my comfort so we sat in the van, long before everyone else loaded up.  
We made our way to the visitor center about 3 miles from camp and hung out there for a bit and realized after the intense lightning and hail that this wasn't just going to pass right over, so we made camp inside the center.  It was funny.
 Sunday morning heading back to camp, the same elk was hanging out near the road again.
 Won't it be wonderful if this were your driveway!  

we arrived back to camp to find one of the tents (we had two now that we are a family of 5) was underwater. And the other one was very damp.  So we packed up wet clothes, pillow, tents and such and headed home.  

If we had to do it again..... a definite YES!

Thanks, Mike for letting us play on your playground!

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