Monday, October 17, 2011

We are well!

So sorry for my absence.  and thank you to all those who have emailed checking in on us!  Its wonderful to know I have such faithful readers!

Going back two weeks since my last post, the Man flew to Denver on September 30 for a field class the same day, my family arrived from KY for their fall break.
We enjoyed 5 wonderful days of the family, visiting the aquarium, cooking out and just plain relaxing.
The family would leave on Tuesday leaving Mamaw behind to help with M.E. with laundry and the boys.  The Man had been go so much, I really needed the help.
During this time I also found out I would be going to Atlanta. So the Man arrived home on October 7 - sporty a new look.
 The Man's new cowboy hat!
We would also quickly celebrate LG getting 6 stickers in a row at school - an all time record for him!  He got to bake a cake with icing.
 LG's teacher is back at school and he tried really hard to be good all week and it worked.
We would only get to enjoy Saturday together.
 LG being wearing Daddy's hardhat and reading a book. 
I would fly out to Atlanta on Sunday morning at 6:25 AM.  And Mamaw flew home to KY the same day. 
I was was very fortunate to be one of three from our church to go to the Life Teen Conference.  Our church recently purchased this new youth program and we had to be trained on how to implement it.  It was AWESOME!  
The school stomach bug got M.E. on Tuesday night/Wednesday morning, but the conference was wonderful and the amount of sleep I got was unbelievable.  
I also got to visit a couple of hours with MaryAnn my childhood friend from KY who has lived near Atlanta for years now. 
So life has been busy!

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