Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Advent/12 days til Christmas

Confession - I had every intention of doing the treat/craft/gift thing each day of Advent this year - but it didn't happen.  Life is too busy, but I'm redeeming myself with 12 days of Christmas starting tomorrow. 
Here's the mantle as of today - Days 12 - 3 (two and one are too large for the mantle so I'll hide them under the tree the day of).  Treats safely out of the reach of Babe. 
I have got craft projects, candy treats and little gifts  - thanks to the dollar bins at Micheal's and Target.  
The boys are going to be so, so excited. I can't wait for the joy to begin. 
Now I just need to start actually Christmas shopping. I haven't bought a single gift yet!

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