Thursday, December 15, 2011

All Time Record!

Here's the story...
Babe hasn't been sleeping well, from drainage, to whining, to crying, being hungry, to being spoilt and last night the croupy cough started.  So to let the Man (who just arrived back from a drill rig late last night), have the bed to sleep without M.E. constantly getting up (like every 45 minutes), I just went to sleep with Babe. 

In the meantime - about 4AM the Man gets up and goes duck hunting, I'm still sleeping with Babe.
Babe wakes up really hungry early and I stumble to the kitchen at 5:55 AM. I remember thinking I have one hour to sleep.

Back in bed with Babe, I fall asleep.  I wake and its light outside.  I flip out, because I know its later than 6:50, my alarm time.  Sure enough, its 7:35.  WHAT? That's the time we are usually leaving for school and now I'm just getting up.  I ran to the boys and tell them what has happened.  They spring into auction getting dressed and ready. We manage to get teeth brushed, hair half combed, uniforms on and pull out of the driveway by 7:48. WOW! 
13 minutes from feet hitting the floor to all 3 boys in the van on the way to school.  
All Time Record. 
I didn't raise my voice one time, they totally understood my urgency.  We got to school at 7:58, 2 minutes before the bell. phew!!! 
If there's one thing I hate, its being late.  the second being lost. 
Buddy was pumped we made it in time, he was super excited about beating the clock. He loves competition.  I wish I could remember his commentary at every turn of the way. It was great. He was saying things like, "this car in front of us is so slow, they must be on the phone.", "Yes, we are going to make this light", "traffic's not bad, we'll make it".  "Do you think we'll make this light? let's count the cars" ,"we'll make it, we have 4 minutes and it'll never take 4 minutes from here", and then in the final stretch a little cheer "Go, Mom!"

LG was still asleep.

Life is Fun and Go, Mom!

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