Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Christmas Program

Grampa and Nana arrived safe last night and we headed out to eat at a local place that LGs refers to at Ratatouille.  It was Grampa's birthday so we had to celebrate in style.  We had a nice supper but got to bed late.
But the boys rallied right out of bed this morning because today is the last day of school and the Christmas program.  And so the boys got to wear free "dressy" dress.  Not a favorite for M.E.  The boys don't own a lot of dressy clothes because they are boys and boys get dirty and grow fast.
We managed this.  Buddy always has liked ties so he was happy with that but he kept saying he couldn't wear his school shoes because they were tennis shoes.  Well, he doesn't own any others than cleats, so he wore his school shoes. 
LG kept fussing with his shirt being tucked in so we wound up switching him to a sweater.
Here he is at church after his big song.  He did so well singing with his class.  He had the moves and head bob down.  It was great. 
Buddy would play the hand bells and I didn't manage a pic because I was sitting on the wrong side of the church.  But several folks commented on how well he did.  We were very proud.
It was a good show as always.

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