Sunday, March 4, 2012

OKC Basketball Tournament

March Madness hit our house early!  Our middle school teams all competed in the OKC basketball tournament this weekend, and of course we had to go.
We loaded up Saturday morning to make the day games and cheer on our friends. We arrived just in time for the 11AM 6th grade girls game.  They had won the night before, so this was their second game. They lost by 8. It was a really tough team and they were undefeated, so we didn't feel too bad.
The second game we made it to was the 8th grade girls.
 LG loves his new sunglasses and being goofy.
 The day was gorgeous sunny and upper 50s. And of course, Buddy had a blast watching all the games.
 Babe finally had to give it up and take a much needed nap around 2 PM.
 Unrelated to basketball.  Buddy and one of his classmates, whose sister is on the 8th grade team, weren't sure about socializing.  They would sit close together to talk, then slide way apart to watch, then slide back together to talk, then apart again to watch. It was funny.
 Basketball action. 
So the 8th grade girls lost, but never fear there's the losers bracket. 
We then head to our third game to see the 6th grade girls again and this sweetheart.
They played really well and won.  We unfortunately couldn't hang around to watch the next game.  We'd been to three different school and seen more of OKC than I'd ever seen in my four years living in Oklahoma.  I was exhausted from chasing Babe nonstop and so was the Man. 
We got home about 7 PM.  I sure was fun though.

Finals - 6th grade girls placed 6th overall. 8th grade girls placed 6th overall. And the 8th grade boys placed 2nd overall.

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