Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Spring Break Photos

Spring Break was another wonderful vacation for our little family.  I managed over 700 photos. I'm so proud of myself for making an extra effort to capture my family this brief moment in time. I actually even took notes of our trip another helpful tool when trying to document/scrapbook what the boys like and did.

WARNING - there's a lot of photos!  It may take them awhile to download. 

We started our trip with a weekend on the White River in Arkansas like last year.  Such a wonderful start to Spring Break. Just 4 hours away and fun for the whole family. 
Highlights included - staying in a cute cabin, playing with mad libs on my iPhone (this was seriously some of the best fun we had. Making silly stories about "poop" and the like. LG had M.E. crying with laughter), playing in the sand & rocks, many walmart runs, watching the NCAA tournament (Go Wildcats!), building & building again with legos, fishing with the guide HotDawg, searching for a cafe for breakfast (there wasn't one, LOL), and catching lots of Rainbow Trout. 
 Babe was so pleased to be able to run around outside with out M.E. constantly hollering at him to stay close.
 If this guy doesn't become an airplane driver, he would certainly make a great engineer.  
His lego creations are fabulous and well thought out.
 I had so much time to just sit on the deck and relax with my boys.
 LG got to go out in the boat with the Man for the first time and enjoyed about an hour and a half of fishing before he decided he was done.  He got many rainbows and even brought in a brown trout all by himself. Buddy then took his turn and landed two brown trouts and many rainbows. I think he said he caught 25!
 I think he had fun.
 We'd leave with a dozen rainbows, Yum!
Of course, Babe wanted his picture with the catch.  That's our guide HotDawg with him. 

We'd move on after fishing to Kentucky, Yay!
Highlights included - Babe vomiting in the van about an hour from Mamaw and Papaw's, seeing the new house, sitting in the porch swing, walks on the property, Aunt Jean's suppers, getting our taxes done (we actually will get a little back), picking up Sman early from school, playing in the yard, jumping on the trampoline, getting our van brakes fixed (they were pulsing and making scarey noises), going into town with my Mom, lots of army guy battles, seeing Mere and her family, hotwheel races, finding lost pacies, glowstick spillage (should we call poison control? we didn't and everything was fine), laughing, laughing & more laughing, Buddy driving, ice cream eating and Dairy Queen stops, storytelling, running (lots of running), LG's make-up homework, Aunt M's supper and farm, storms and most importantly being with the family.
 LG had a week's worth of homework to do after missing so much school last week for the stomach virus. He's not a big fan of doing homework.
 These two are so close.  It makes my heart smile.
 I think this will be an annual picture.  I love it.
 Babe could not have been happier with all the stuff to get into and run, run, run.  He didn't get to drive the lawn mower but he wanted to.
 Speaking of driving, that's Buddy behind the wheel.  I told the Man to take Buddy driving and so they made several trips back and worth on the farm. 
Buddy had a blast.  He said his max speed was 31 mph and it was really hard to go straight.  
Ah, a memory he'll have forever. 
 While Sman and Aunt Cream got to skip school and work for two days, the other days the boys had to fill their time until they got home. This meant lots of jumping on the trampoline.
 Quick stop at DQ for ice cream, we don't call her Aunt Cream for nothing.
 Tired boys!
 The Man at my Aunt M's and their dog, Dixie.  We love visiting Aunt M's farm- its a slice of heaven. 
 The Man and M.E.
 We always have to walk the property on her farm. 
 I love the hills, green grass, budding trees and seeing the cows.
The views are spectacular.
 Babe running with a muddy bottom.  It had rained off and on most of the day, so there was a bit of mud everywhere, but it was still fun.
 One of my favorite pics from the day.  That's Abby the dog, Uncle, my Uncle D and Papaw.  Such a classic moment of farmers walking and talking.
CHEESE!  This pic sums up so much for Buddy. He was so happy this whole trip. 

And now for my overall favorite picture from Spring Break. 
That's LG back lite by storm clouds mixed with sunshine. 
I'll be getting this one printed and enlarged. 

Also during Spring Break, we celebrated the life of my little cousin Raven, who lost her battle with cancer the previous weekend.  We were able to visit the funeral home and see family and friends.  Its so sad to bury someone whose only 18, and just as sad when that person was beautiful, sweet and genuinely good. 
We love her and know she will be greatly missed.  
Please remember her parents and grandparents if it moves on your heart.

We also received word during our trip that Gramma Beach suffered a massive heart attack. Thank goodness, she's still with us and working on a good recovery.  We love you and wish you rest and good health.

Happy Spring Break!

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  1. so sorry I missed your visit home...can't believe how big the boys are...hope to see you soon