Monday, April 30, 2012

Project Life

I'm here!  Just busy!

So there's this thing in the scrapbook world called Project Life, a scrapbook kit for everyday mementos and pictures and words.  It was developed by Becky Higgins and is AWESOME!  I've drooled over it for about 3 years now, but its not cheap.  Sure I could have used some of what I had and done it that way, but I really wanted the kit and just couldn't justify spending the money, if I couldn't keep up with weekly layouts. 

Well, long story short, I won a project life kit from Cathy Zielske's blog a few weeks ago and it arrived on my doorstep on Babe's birthday.  Now most people do PL from Jan 1 to Dec 31.  But I decided that I'd just go for it. Start now with Babe's birthday! 

Have I got anything done?  Some.  I managed to take a ton of pictures.  I managed to take notes of our week and I managed to collect little pieces of life (actually I always do this but now I have a place to put them).  As I can't print photos at home, I'm challenged as staying caught up, but I thought in the mean time, since I haven't posted in ages, that I'd share the past weeks' in photos... What I plan to print and put in the album.

Week 1
 What 2 looks like around here!  messy face
 Baseball, Baseball, Baseball
 Pregame goofing off!
 The Man and Buddy coaching LG on running home! 
 At a birthday party, Buddy talked Babe into being the mule.
This one is so laid back but wild at the same time. 
I love this shot of him hanging out in the cart after shopping.
He has no idea he is only two!

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