Tuesday, June 19, 2012


LG loves fireworks! It's something that he gets so excited about and something my family gladly will sit and watch and enjoy with him.
Last week we made our way to a local shop and laid down some serious cash for a lot of little fireworks! Bottle rockets, smoked bombs, jumping jack's, smoke bombs, little fountains, and more smoke bombs.
Aunt Cream and I are both logistical so we separated the loot into 7 equal piles on for each night remaining in our stay.
So each night after supper we have gathered on the porch at Mamaw and Papaw's for the evening show! Sman lights the fireworks and then Buddy cleans up the mess and so on while LG has a blast!
Buddy got this pic of me, enjoying the show! And yes, it was still light outside. We are all so tired from our fun in the sun, to wait til dark, plus it's just as fun to play with the smoke bombs and other things while its light.
I think it's safe to say, we are easily entertained!

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