Wednesday, July 11, 2012

What I LOVE about our WA Vacation

LOVED... the cooler temperatures. 
We were blessed with cool temperatures and sunny days.  For those in the south and mid-west -- we experienced days that barely got to 65 degrees and some days the sun never came out.  It was bliss to go from 108 in Oklahoma to that nice clean, refreshing air of 60.
LOVED... letting Babe wander and explore on his own. 
 As per Babe, he loved playing in Nana's goldfish pond.
LOVED... the quiet moments shared between the generations. 
The boys all enjoyed lots of snuggles with Nana and Papa.  
So grateful we got to spend this time there.
LOVED... how the entire family rallied around this killdeer.
 She decided to lay her eggs in the middle of Gramma's driveway. Seriously in the driveway.   So a sawhorse was place there so no one would disturb her.
LOVE... seeing his excitement for the beach. 
He loves the beach just as much as his brothers.
 LOVED... getting to spend time with with cousins. 
All 5 boys managed to balance themselves on the buoy.
 This kid was awesome playing whatever game to include all kids of all ages.  A dreamboat.
 LOVED...the sights and sounds.
 LOVE... seeing Buddy read.
Even if it was just to be using the kindle.
 LOVE... this picture.
Good job Hun, getting M.E., you and the scene in both directions.  Fantastic.
 LOVED... watching out for Bald Eagles. 
Its really cool to see these majesty birds just hanging out.
LOVE... family photos. 
This is atop Mt. Eerie, were we had a nice short hike exploring the views. 
LOVED... eating fresh salmon.
Its even better when my first born catches his first ever Sockeye. 
 LOVED... going to the movies with these kiddos.
It was such a great experience to go to the movies and see Brave. Not only was it a great movie, but just being with them and talking and laughing and loving each other was fantastic.  We even stopped at Wendy's for milkshakes. Yummy.
 LOVED... reconnecting
Pace was so loving and interested in Babe, pretty cute stuff.
 LOVE... sleeping children. 
There are so cute like this, all worn out and happily dreaming.
LOVE... this little ham. 
He so loves a audience and really turned on for his cousins. 
LOVED... the parade. 
Always a highlight of the trip, the parade was so fun for the kids, especially with all the candy. 
 LOVED... seeing The Man with his bros.
What a crew!
 LOVED... there's a picture of M.E.
Thanks Randy, for snapping this during our wiffle ball game.
 LOVED... playing wiffle ball with all our friends and family. 
The highlight of the day was Buddy striking out Uncle J.  It was great.
 LOVE... the BWL and the Joe & Arie.
And the fact that we all had matching uniforms for our wiffle ball games.
 LOVED... Babe with his namesake.
LOVE... these three boys so much.

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  1. Loved this post....thinks it is one of my favorites you all...miss you...and thinking maybe I need to move to the weather...