Friday, October 5, 2012

In the last 10 days...

 I got my new glasses.  They are stronger and at first made M.E. dizzy, but now I'm loving them.  I can see so clearly. yay!
 LG officially began selling boy scout popcorn.  We went up to the Man's office to sell.  They were very generous! 
 Babe loves having chores.  The latest is returning the trash and recycle cans to their spots.

 I organized one shelf in one cabinet.  Its a start and I love my jars.
 Its fall break in KY, so the family arrived last Friday. Yay!  Here Buddy is practicing his October oral report about the Erie Canal.. Low bridge, everybody down, low bridge, we are coming to town.....

It was so fun having the cousins here. The kids played and played and played. 

Last Saturday night was the school auction and the Man and I looked good, but we totally forgot to take a picture. UGH!

 Sunday was the church picnic. LG had so much fun. Buddy took off with his friends, so I didn't see much of him. LG is on the right.
Also Sunday, Buddy had a soccer game.  He didn't get to play much, but it was fun anyhow.
 Babe is totally in love with Uncle.
The fort is built and boys are on guard for attack from Sman. 
Aunt Cream took this. I think on the way to eat.

Monday all the kiddos stayed home from school to play and visit more. We also got to visit with our church friends from KY.  A couple of the guys are doing a job in the area, so their families came out for fall break, as well.  It was so fun.  I had 15 people from KY at my house. I don't think that'll ever happen again.  It was wonderful. 

 Tuesday was picture day for Babe, so all the boys went to school.
 The family decided to get on the road Tuesday night, so Wednesday wouldn't be such a long day.  Here's the kiddos after supper.  It was sad to see them leave, but hopefully we will get together soon. 

I wouldn't have much time to miss them, as in the night Tuesday, Babe had the croup and wound up fighting for his breathe.  He woke up several times upset and having trouble catching his breathe. The third time, it was bad and I really thought he was going to stop breathing. The Man and I were so scared that we actually took him to the hospital.  And they admitted him. 

 After chest xrays (at 2 AM) it was determined that he had a severe case of croup and his windpipe was nearly swelled shut. He was getting plenty of oxygen, just having a hard time getting it. It was a relief to be there, but also a very long day, as they really didn't do anything but monitor him and gave him some steroids (at Noon), which I am very grateful for.  The steroids kicked in about 8 PM (an hour after we got home) Wednesday and he finally had quiet breathing instead of the loud whistling sound.

Like I always say, its an adventure, but one worth having. 

Babe is fine. LG is hoping to get another 'A' on his 5th spelling test and counting the days until his birthday. Buddy is practicing soccer and loving school. The Man suffers from duck fever, but is dove hunting in the meantime. I'm keeping on, keeping on! 

Thanks for reading.

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