Thursday, November 8, 2012


For sometime now, LG has wanted Karate or Kay-Rot-Tay - as SpongeBob would say. We had told him instead of playing basketball with his classmates this winter, he could do karate.
And last week, basketball practices started, so it was time for M.E. to get on the Karate band wagon. 
A friend of ours' church offers Karate for $15 a month and the instructors all volunteer their time and its really relaxed and fun.  Sounded perfect for LG.

LG and I scored this used Gi (karate outfit) at a consignment shop before Halloween and it fit perfect.
 He was so excited.
 I really hope he likes it and can learn some self-discipline.
After his first lesson, in which he was a little squirmy and wanted to play with his neighbor on the mat, he did manage to learn a few things.  And says he really wants to go back and do it again.   Awesome. 

Go, LG, Go!

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