Tuesday, November 13, 2012

OKC Soccer Tournament

 Buddy first out-of-town soccer tournament was this weekend.  We got to go to Oklahoma City Friday night through Sunday for three games.  Buddy didn't see much playing time in the first game, but played a bunch in the second game, which we in fact won 3 to 0.  Woo Hoo!
 Babe hanging out in the hotel playing on my phone.  He's too cute.

 On Sunday a big cold front came through and at game time the temperature had drop 20 degrees and it was wet and extremely windy.  I had to run to walmart and get Buddy a hat and gloves.  
It was COLD!

Therefore I stayed in the van with these two!  I luckily got a parking place near the field so I could watch part of the game and get the above pictures.  LG and Babe had a blast playing legos in the van.
Buddy's team actually lost this game 0 - 4, but Buddy was happy to get warm and on the road to home.  Me, too!

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