Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Getting Outside

The weekend wasn't a total bust.  I convinced the Man to clean the gutters.  And of course, he found himself a distraction - playing basketball with Buddy.  I'm not complaining, playing with the kiddos is high on my priority list too. 

And Buddy who hasn't touch a basketball in nearly 2 years decided about a month ago, that he wanted to pick it back up, so he's been shooting a lot of hoops.  

 Buddy's actually not too bad. 
 I think the Man will probably be sore after all they did.  They played for nearly an hour.

 Granted they had the goal pretty low, so LG could play too.  
 Isn't he so handsome! 

Of course, this little guys was outside too. Splashing in puddles in his pajamas.  Somedays, we just don't get dressed until necessary. 
And a nice little shadow pic of Babe and M.E. 
It was so nice to be outside. 

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