Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Happy Birthday Buddy

Its hard to believe that our first born is now 10.  Double digits. the big one-zero. 

 He had a friend over all weekend to help celebrate.  PS. He loves double sleep overs. That's two nights in a row. 

 We had donuts for breakfast and Red Robin for supper - where they sang HB to him and he was embarrassed, but got free ice cream. PS. He loves food! 

 We got him some really cool board games and the cards and gifts are still coming in.  He is very blessed to have such a wonderful family. PS. Double Shutter is the best game ever. More info to come. 

We ended the night with cake and candles.  I think he had a really good birthday. PS. TEN. Its still hard to believe. He is so much like the Man and so much like M.E. its crazy. 

We love you Buddy so much and just can't believe that you are already so big and half grown.  
We are very proud of you. Happy Birthday! PS. I did an interview with Buddy for his birthday. I'll be posting that once I type it up. 


  1. Buddy looks just like you Sarah in these pictures!!!
    Meredith :)