Friday, February 22, 2013


It finally snowed in our corner of Oklahoma on Wednesday.  I say finally because I believe this is the first measurable snowfall since the blizzard of 11.   

The forecast was about right, just the timing was off for us.  It didn't even start snowing until 7:30 AM. Just in time for the drive to school. 

By 9:30, I was coming down and when I took Babe to school the roads were covered but drivable. 
Babe was so excited. He just stood in it letting pelt him.  Then I realized that even though he has seen snow on the ground and played in it. He doesn't remember it ever really snowing from the sky.  He kept saying, it's not rain. 

 2 hours later at 11:30 AM we had major accumulation. 

 It was really pretty. 

Official measurement by M.E. was 2 and a quarter inches. 

By 3 PM, it was a little warmer and the precip had changed to a mix of ice, snow and rain.  So it was all beginning to melt. But there was enough for the boys to play in after school. 
As much as I would have loved for the boys to stay inside warm & dry, I had to help them get bundled up and head out in it.   Here Buddy's digging snow off of his pants. LG got him good with a big wet snowball. 

I think of all the boys, LG was the most excited.  He was so happy to have something different. I don't blame him.  He is also wearing his snow bibs that are size 4T, don't ask M.E. how that's possible, but he has them on and zipped - check out how short they are.  

Happy, Happy, Happy 

Buddy worked a long time getting this little guy made.  He's about 2 feet tall has real button buttons, blue button eyes and a carrot for a nose plus an army hat.  Pretty cool little snowman.  

As much as this Babe wanted to play in the snow, it was cold. And he was so bundled up he couldn't move very easily, so he mostly just walked around making footprints in the snow. 

Happy Winter Day for the boys!  

PS.  We had late start on Thursday due to some ice, but all's back to normal. 

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