Friday, March 29, 2013

Inside Time

So Spring Break turned out to be cold... like 40 degrees each day cold. Not ideal for playing outside, which lead to a lot house time. 
 So we built puzzles.
 Or rather watched Nana build puzzles while we ate ice cream. 
 Built with legos. Lots of legos. and had serious fun. 

The big boys played scrabble. 

 Or watched tv, ate ice cream while Nana built a puzzle. 


 The boys discussed rules and Buddy decided to keep score. Not a good idea when playing with the Man. 
And yes, if you type a word into a text message on the iPhone and autocorrect doesn't change it, its a "legal" word for the Man.  geez.  

Nonetheless, Puzzles, Legos and Scrabble are all great fun with family. 

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