Monday, March 11, 2013

Pinewood Derby

Saturday was the annual Cub Scout Pinewood Derby Car Race and it was LG's first year to build and race a car.

Let M.E. just say that the car wasn't completed until 8:45 AM, the race started at 9. But the Man was helping LG as much as possible and they got it race ready and it looked good.  A car of Lego's that LG built and named, Lego Hero!  It was co-piloted by R2-D2.  

Warning.... there's lots of pictures, and some blurry, some need editing, but wanted to share asap.

 LG was pretty excited for the day and the Man and M.E. were a little nervous.  Buddy won his den the last two years, so there was a little pressure for LG to do well. 
Although he's not as competitive as Buddy, its still nice to win a race or two.

First race (there was 20) he won.  That's his lego hero coming down the track on the far lane. 

 He was extremely animated all day and everyone got a kick out of watching him jump, cheer and celebrate. 

By race 12 he had won 10 races. Wow.  

One of his friends car, had not won a single race, so LG asked him if he wanted to use his car.  How sweet is that.  

His car continue to win, race after race.  Here it is in the 1st place spot again. 
LG was excited and the Man was proud. 

 Toward the end it was a tight race, LG was only ahead by one win. 

But in the end, he won 17 out of 20 races to place 1st in his Den.  It was awesome. 

We would return to school at 2 PM for the Championship race, against the winners of 2nd, 3rd and 4th grades.   In those races, our opponents experience proved them to be the faster cars and LG only won 5 out of 20 races, claiming 4th overall.   He was only bummed for about 2 minutes and then he was all smiles again. 

 That night at the Banquet celebrating Scouting's birthday and awarding the race winners, LG's den sang a little song. 

 It was pretty funny. You could barely hear any of them. 

 At trophy time, LG was beside himself to get his trophy. 

So much so, he was reaching for the trophy before, he's name was called. 

The CubMaster was like, you think this is your trophy and you can see LG pointing to the winner's list to prove it. 

He made him wait another second or two, but finally awarded him, his first place trophy. 

 I really wish this photo wasn't blurry, because it was seriously the best of the night, LG strutting away with his trophy held high. What a sweet boy! 

It was truly a great day for LG and Buddy politely and proudly celebrated right along beside him.  
It was awesome. 

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