Monday, March 4, 2013


The other night, it was usually quiet in the house.
This is rare, believe M.E.
But the Man and I heard a mumbling, a whispering, tiny voices.

The Man asked M.E. what it was?  I wasn't sure but I thought it was coming from here.
 This little tent has been in the living room for a couple of days now.  Babe has had a blast bringing his pets and animals and blankets in there. 

Apparently LG loved it too because he was in there READING to Babe.  This is the first time, we have really heard him reading for fun, especially reading to Babe. 
It was such a special moment.  LG is really coming along academically and we couldn't be prouder.  

Even if its just always cooler to read by glowstick. We will gladly supply the glowsticks and the books. 

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