Monday, April 15, 2013

Life's Busy...

Between the multitude of baseball games, practices, soccer practices and soccer tournaments and work, I managed to pull together some awesome costumes for our 80s prom.

Some 5th grade parents hosted an 80s Prom at school as a fun raiser for the school auction.  This past Friday was the big day and let M.E. just say I was pretty excited.  The Man and I decided early on that we were just going to dress 80s, we were going to be the 80s.

Judd Nelson as John Bender in the Breakfast Club.

Molly Ringwald as Andie in the Pretty in Pink

The results...

I had to substitue the sleeves for a jacket, because I couldn't raise my arms.  Took M.E. two days to finish construction of the dress, but I got it done.  The Man's outfit was spot on and everyone recognized his character immediately. It was so fun.

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  1. Love it! Your hair is awesome too! LOL (Angie A. from KY)