Monday, May 20, 2013

8th Grade Parade

Every year our 8th grade graduations a couple days before school is out and the afternoon of graduation they have a parade.  Its one of the coolest things ever!  I love it as much as the kiddos.  

One of the best "floats" this year was the horse drawn Cinderella carriage. 

LG was ready for the candy.  
You see the 8th graders drive by and throw candy to their adoring under class men.  

 Buddy and Zkid decided to go hard core and just use their backpacks as their candy bags.  Zkid really scored as someone accidentally threw an entire bag of candy instead of a handful. 

Second best "float" of the day was the flat bed truck with coaches.  Riding in Comfort for these boys. 

So fun.  

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