Thursday, May 30, 2013

establishing a routine

Since school has been out I've started establishing the summer routine or bits and pieces of a summer routine.  

My objective: limit electronics

Each summer begins with a huge calendar from the last day of school to the first day of school.
Buddy loves calendars almost as much as I do.  He likes routine, he likes knowing what's coming, what to expect and checks this and fills things in almost daily. 
LG and Babe helped me with the coloring of the letters. : ) 

This year, I added a new thing for chores.  To get the boys motivated and to not nag them constantly about picking up and doing their part. I started writing jobs on little fun post-its and putting them up by the calendar.  We usually have one :15 minute cleaning session each day and then they can also choose to do any extras they want. 

 When they complete a job and its been inspected by M.E. they stick the post-it to their drawer.  I got this little set of drawers at Hobby Lobby on clearance and loved it. Its perfect for M.E. when I find legos or the boys little stuff laying around I just toss it in their drawer. They also store their money and gems in here as well.  

I've not decided exactly how much money each job is worth, but they are going to tally them until we leave for KY.   It a good thing.

Another good thing is homework.  I know its important for them to keep their little brains in shape and honestly they have completely complied with barely a word about it. 
I got on the Saxon math homeschool website and there's sample lessons, so Buddy did one for his homework last week.  

 Thankfully, LG's teacher sent home a summer packet of work for him.  He did three worksheet english and math. And he did fabulous. 

Of course, Babe needed some homework too.  So he worked in an preschool workbook, also doing three sheets.  He thought he was the coolest kid ever.  

We also have joined the summer reading program and the Summer Bucket list challenge.  

More on the Summer Bucket List Challenge coming soon.  You can read about it or sign up online at the

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