Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Random Thoughts #10

Random Thoughts 
Version TEN

1 - May is always busy, so here's some randomness from the last few days.

 2 - On Thursday, prior to the shower/anti-mohawk incident, LG and I went with his class to the planetarium.  We had a really good time and I had to take this pic.  This is Einstein obviously, but its made of squares from 12,000 rubic cubes.  An Eagle scout project.  TOO RAD!

3 - Friday night, Buddy had one of his best games ever. Getting a couple of hits and such good looks at the ball.  It was a great game, and I would have loved to recap it, but I've slept a couple times since then and I did lots of talking (imagine that) during the game so I don't have the details. 

 4 - Another wonderful picture of LG's new hair cut. This is from my phone and for some strange reason its all squashed... Technology and I have a love/hate relationship.

5 - We rented the movie The Odd Life of Timothy Green over the weekend.  If you have not seen it, do yourself a favor and watch it. We all LOVED it.  Wonderful family movie about family and parenting and love.

6 - LG is just so cool.  Just Sayin' 

 7 - LG got a big hit in his game on Saturday.  Struck out twice, but managed this one big hit.  Awesome.
 8 - There were so random little pop-up thunderstorms on Saturday. We managed to get a downpour, some lightning and hail all while the sun was still shining. Weird but cool.

9 - We had no obligations on Saturday after the baseball game and it was so nice to just be a family.

10 - My mother's day present from the Man!   Oh how I love it.   
We saw this vintage card catalog from the University of Illinois a couple weeks ago (day before Babe's burn) and I fell in love with it. But after Babe's burn, I never thought about it again.  The Man didn't forget.  (sorry for the squashed picture again technology) 

11 - I spent Sunday, filling about a third of the drawers with my PL embellishments and supplies. I'm so in love with it. Its PERFECT. Thanks Hun. I love you! 

12 - Monday the van wouldn't start.  The interiors lights had been left on all weekend and we didn't know it. Luckily a jump and idle fixed it.  Nothing like panicking first thing in the morning before school. 

13 - 6 days of school left. Just so you know. 

14 - Tuesday the boys had a spring concert.  Here's LG with his class waiting to take the stage.  He sang Over the Rainbow from the Wizard of Oz. So cute. 

15 - Buddy waiting.  He's thrilled... his class sang Moon River. I think he knew about 10 words. haha

16 - I have a long story about Hobby Lobby.  I'll try to post another day.  It was awesome and I met a project life design team member. Oh My Stars!!!!!!!!!!!

 17 - LG's last scouts for the year was last night.  He'll advance in August but is done for the summer.  He really enjoys scouts.

18 - I just realized there's nothing about Babe.  hmmm.. Babe is wild, exciting, whining, loving school, and busy.  Typical toddler with a stubborn streak!

19 - The Man is good and started construction on a deck. More details to come.

20 - I'm late for work.  Bye for now!

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