Saturday, May 18, 2013

the Great Soccer Team Search.

Buddy's in bit of a soccer dilemma. 

For the last year, he has played up on a 5th grade team.  That team is getting a new coach and making some changes and Buddy hasn't been real happy there, so he needs a change. 

We decided he needed to play with his own age group and have more fun and playing time. 

So we have begun the great soccer team search.  
Multiple teams. Multiple practices. Buddy's opinion. My Opinion. The Man's opinion.  Lots to take in. 

He practiced this week in another league. 
This coach makes the team run. Buddy was told to run a mile with the team. He struggled.  City life at its worst.  He was third to last and not happy about it. But he ran the whole way, no walking.  I know what we will be doing in KY.  RUNNING! 

  He's really liking this team and we think its mostly because his friend Zkid is signing with them.  I say, yay to that. I'd love to have another family from our school on the team. Plus D will help with Babe. :)

They did some pretty cool drills and Buddy hung in there.  

I think this might be the team, and of course the practice fields are the furtherest from my house. ugh!  But if Buddy's happy then I'm happy!  

I hope he likes it. The team try outs are next week. Lots of big discussions. 

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  1. As the wife of a soccer coach and a mom to 2 grown players - tell Buddy to stick with it. If he loves the sport, work hard & he'll be amazed at his results!
    Our boys' played for a combined 20 years - the youngest played 4 years of D3 college soccer - and yes, it was a lot of time & travel but Dream Boy & I have never regretted the memories we now have to cherish through all the miles & smiles & tears & fears.