Saturday, June 1, 2013

Memorial Day Camping Trip

We were lucky enough to be invited on a Memorial Day Camping Trip to the lake.  Ah, nothing like getting to go camping with good friends in wonderful weather.  We so needed this.
 **WARNING: Lots of photos.

The Man got in on the splashing action. 

 We had a near full moon, so I managed this picture of Buddy.  I love it, but it was really dark, so I tried some photo editing. I'm not very good at it.  I totally need a class, but nonetheless, its still a cool photo. 

 Loving Buddy. 

 The water was chilly, so LG and Babe need to wrap up upon getting out of the water. 

 Goose Family. 

LG lost his second front tooth. Woohoo.  He sounds alittle funny when he talks.  

 The kiddos

 Their second daughter and Buddy are in the same grade and have been great friends for years.  Their first son and LG are in the same class as well. And just a year between Babe and their babe. 

 LG loves nature.  He's like M.E. and the city isn't his favorite place to be.  He loves to watch the wind blow, birds and several times throughout the weekend we would find him just chilling out on the dock. Love that he was able to escape and be with nature.  

 Babe got to play these little piggy's with their oldest in the hammock. 
 They were great friends. 
 Such a cute moment. 
 I wonder what he's saying?

About 10 minutes away from camp, all the boys were sound sleep in the van.  We have a wonderful, wonderful weekend. Thanks Davies for the invite.  We loved it. 

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