Monday, June 24, 2013

Much Deserved!

The Man took an adventure of his own after leaving us in KY over three weeks ago.
He flew from Louisville to Chicago where is had the longest layover ever and then luckily got on the last flight to Des Moines, IA very late that night.   In Des Moines he boarded a bus Ottumwa, IA.  There is was able to purchase the truck of his dreams.

I am so very excited for him.  He has been researching trucks, specifically Toyota Tundras for some time now, so when this one pop-up on the internet he knew it was the one.  Previously owned but only 30,000 miles and still under warranty.  Yes the price was right.

And now that I'm home and have seen it for myself, I must say its really pretty, really nice and well...huge.  I'm so happy for the Man, he has worked really hard to give all we have and now he has a cool truck for himself.   Love you, Hun!

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