Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Papaw and Pinterest

Okay, I just cracked myself up with that title, but its true.
While in KY I was on pinterest hours a day-- I admit I have a problem.  No, I do not want help.

Anyhow, I spotted a cool DIY soccer goal.  So after researching it a little and discussing it with Papaw, we began construction.

Sman was a big helped.  He was kinda getting into the construction and all. 

Buddy was basically just wondering around the garage. 

Babe of course had to get in on the auction. He loved playing in Papaw's garage. Lots of treasures. 

A few days later we I got some netting at home depot and we made us a goal. 

Buddy had a blast with the new goal and was a little sad to have to leave it behind. 
Thanks Papaw for the goal.

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