Friday, July 19, 2013

Capturing the Memories

As mentioned yesterday, my job on the 4th was to take pictures and capture the family celebration and I think I did pretty well. 

My goal was to us the Project Life scrapbooking system developed by Becky Higgins and create a 4th of July mini album for Gramma.  
I got the idea from Becky's blog and knew it would be super fabulous for this holiday. 

So first I got a little carried away with creating some journaling cards before we left for WA. 
 Using stamps and a versa pen, I doodled and stamped images before heat embossing them with red glittering powder.  They turned out great. 

Prior to the 4th, I enlisted the help of Poppa and we sent out an email to the family letting them know what I was up to.  

Instruction: Grab a journal card, write a note, doodle a picture or just say HI 
to Gramma on this 4th of July.  

I had a little basket set up with the cards and Becky Higgins pens for folks to write notes.  It was a hit. Everyone loved the idea and participated, even friends who just dropped by.  

Throughout our stay there, I took pictures. Lots of picture.  I really got some awesome ones, like this.  

And super sweet ones, like this.

There was also lots of candids especially good ones like in yesterdays post.  

And photobombs like this. hahaha! 

Then we slipped our cards in the album. Thanks to the Man for actually getting the only picture of M.E. from the whole celebration. The morning of the 5th finally filling out my card.  

In the days that followed, I was able to upload the photos to and have them one-hour developed and got them in the album.  (I smugged the names of the innocence)

It turned out fabulously.  

Even though a few cousins weren't with us on the 4th, I managed to see them before the day and got them to write a message.  Therefore all Gramma's children made a card, all her grandchildren made a card and all but one great-grand child wrote a message. SUCCESS! 

 Then on Sunday before we left, I presented Gramma with the album.   It was beyond words.  
I think its safe to say, there was enough content there to last until next year - if not a lifetime. 

We love you Gramma. 

Thanks Becky for Project Life and all you do. 

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