Friday, July 26, 2013

Project Life Weeks 10 & 11

Okay, its no secret I'm doing project life weekly this year. And well I'm pretty much obsessed with all things Becky Higgins.  The Man puts it more elegantly and calls it my passion. 
Yes,  I'm really passionate about it and so its crazy to M.E. that I don't post my layouts. 

So over the next few days (or weeks) I'm going to be sharing my layouts.  I'm nearly caught completely up and feel really good about that. 

Note some content is "smudged" for my family view only. 

 Here's a look at Week 10: March 3 to March 9. 

 Just capturing the little bits of everyday of M.E. and the boys.   I really like that I recorded little conversation the boys and I had in the van about explorers.  

Buddy: all moneys have presidents on them right?
LG: yep
M.E.: yes, except the gold dollar, it has Sacajewea. 
LG: Whose that?
M.E: she was a famous explorer who helped Luis and Clark (I think).
LG: Oh, like Dora!

I like that I captured one of many funny conversations we have.  

 Left side: All about LG. Sometimes that's just how it happens.  All the photos are from the cubscout pinewood derby race in which he won his den. I really like having the black/white as a 4x8. Its awesome. And the little win button was in my Studio Calico kit.  Perfect. The "things I like" is from LG's back pack. Love going for the backpack fodder. 

NEW:  I like the idea of documenting who took what photos and with what, so I'm going to try and add this to each new PL post like  Elise does on her blog. 
Ratio of photos taken by M.E. to photos taken by the fam : All M.E. except one taken by the Man at the pinewood derby, LG in victory pose. The picnic was even M.E. with the self-timer.
Ratio of photos taken by iPhone to big camera: 1 to 11.

Week 11. March 10 - March 16.  

Right side - not a lot of pictures early in the week, so there's even a blank pocket. Not sure what I had planned, but now its there and I'm just going to leave it and move on. 
The little hearts are cut from some fabric I used in making some clothes for a friend's new baby.  Such a cute way to document it. And on the bottom backpack fodder, this time from Babe.   

Left Side - the weekend saw the arrival of Nana and Popa, so happy to see them, so there's several photos from that.  I also sewed those pennant for the new baby.  Awesome. 

My favorite things are the hearts card and the hello nana & popa card. Several cards were from the Studio Calico kit.

Ratio of photos taken by M.E. to photos taken by the fam : All M.E. 
Ratio of photos taken by iPhone to big camera: 1 to 8.

Project Life is a memory-keeping system created by Becky Higgins

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